Bahia Tenacatita: Cabo Corrientes to Ixtapa

Bahia Tenacatita, a well protected bay, lies approximately 89  miles from Cabo Corrientes.   We arrived there after three nights of somewhat exposed and rolly anchorages at Ipala, Paraiso and Chemala.  A lake fed stream feeds the Bay’s north end and the town of La Manzanilla anchors the Bay’s south end.  During our first afternoon in the anchorage, Peter and Leslie from Sky Bird dinghied by.  They joked that they were most interested in checking out the eye-catching Elizabeth Jean, rather than her crew, but accepted our offer to come aboard for cocktails.  They reciprocated with cocktails on Sky Bird the next day and buddy boated with us to La Manzanilla two days later.

Through LaCruz 046

Boats at the Tenacatita anchorage; the rocks in the near ground lead to the mangrove estuary.

Through LaCruz 073

Saltwater crocodiles abound in the estuaries and lagoons of mainland Mexico.  The sign announces “crocodiles in this area” and cautions against swimming.

20.4 Tenacatita estuary tour (9)\

Pangas take groups up the estuary; we used Schooner, whose smaller size allowed us to get through the narrow tunnels in the mangroves.

20.2 Tenacatita estuary tour (5)

A myriad of birds, not visible in the picture, accompanied us through the mangrove passages.

21.9 Peter, Leslie on Skybird (13)

Crocodiles too.  Oh my!

21.2 Peter, Leslie on Skybird (1)

Peter and Leslie from Sky Bird guided us through their favorite spots in La Manzanilla.

Through LaCruz 096

Sky Bird and Elizabeth Jean anchored off  La Manzanilla.  The pole suspended perpendicularly from Sky Bird deploys a flopper stopper, and underwater device that resits the ocean swells and quiets an anchored boat.  In the  foreground, the swells approach the beach.  Although relatively gentle, we still needed to time our dinghy landings to avoid swamping our dinghy in the surf.  We were mostly successful at the dinghy surfing game.

Through LaCruz 064

Elizabeth Jean at anchor beyond the surf break.

Through LaCruz 099

Schooner on the beach following a successful surf landing.  Note the dinghy wheels below the stern.  The wheels help us drag Schooner above the surf quickly after landing.

21.6 Peter, Leslie on Skybird (2)

Our first stop in La Manzanilla was a raw bar on the beach for oysters and clams.

21.8 Peter, Leslie on Skybird (7)

Next stop, the Cocodrilario, or crocodile reserve.

Through LaCruz 083

Eulalie with a crocodile (stuffed).

20.12 Tenacatita crocodilio

This one is still alive and well.

21.14 Peter, Leslie on Skybird (9)

Professor Peter enthusiastically describes the process for distilling Raicilla, the region’s moonshine, from the silver agave plant.  The poster shows the agave being harvested, turned into mash, and then slow cooked so that the steam condenses.  Traditionally raicilla has been sold without government sanction or approval.  Recently, legal brands have been appearing on the market.  This tasting bar provided samples ranging from 11 months to 11 years old.

21.16 Peter, Leslie on Skybird (11)

Leslie with the still.  In the foreground are orange slices, Raicilla’s traditional accompaniment.


The finished product.

Through LaCruz 095

The Raicilla tasting bar included a beach side restaurant where we finished our shore side tour.





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One thought on “Bahia Tenacatita: Cabo Corrientes to Ixtapa

  1. Mary Helen

    “Crocs open jaw waits
    Posing in murky water
    Statuesque for bait”

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