To every season, turn (with attribution to the Good Book and the Byrds)

As Ecclesiastes tells us, “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”  In the tropics, mid-May is the time for hurricanes, rain, and intense heat.  Conditions which persist through October.  This time, therefore, finds folks preparing for the rainy season and finds Elizabeth Jean’s crew back in Yelapa at the Sky Temple to help Judith Roth close the temple for the rainy season (see March 13 and 26 posts for more on Yelapa and the Temple).  Seasonal signs abound.  The beach palapa’s have empty seats, flowers burst out of every corner, bananas and Cacique nests hang outside our window.  Creating a giant compost pile, painting, and packing fill our days.  Al fresco meals at Los Abuelos and Los Fillos fill our evenings and stomachs with sopes, tacos, and fresh salads.


Yelapa secures Banderas Bay’s south west corner.  The above figure shows Yelapa’s geographical relationship to Puerto Vallarta, and other Bay locales.


This albatross-eyes’ view shows the steep ridges that hem in Yelapa’s cove.  The terrain has kept modern roads and automobiles  out and rustic charm in.  Photo credit: Allan Schie

Paradise village May 041

With no cars, pack horses and mules predominate.  Here is our host Judith with her luggage from a quick trip to the States loaded for the trek to the Sky Temple.

Paradise village May 049

Cobbled pathways lead us back to the Sky Temple.

Paradise village May 044

From our perch high in the Sky Temple we see a pair of Cacique birds working on their nest.  You can glimpse one of the birds on the low branch to the nest’s right.

Paradise village May 086

Bananas ripen below our balcony.  The pole to the right supports the fruit’s weight.

Paradise village May 087

When ripe, the bananas hang from our balcony, ready for snacking.

Paradise village May 061

Spring flowers juxtaposed with colorful drying laundry brighten the streets.

Paradise village May 060

Blossoms are everywhere.

Paradise village May 078


Paradise village May 048

Fallen petals grace cobblestone pathways.


Sun light brightens our room.

Paradise village May 093

Eulalie works the low spots.


Eric works the high spots.


We lugged 30 bags of leaves to the compost pile.

Paradise village May 071

Church occupies the village’s center.


Open doors welcome us in.

Paradise village May 096

We join the owners of the Eclipse restaurant to help prepare tamales for the church.

Paradise village May 108

Meat filling simmers.

Paradise village May 105

Dough spreads.

Paradise village May 104

Husks await filling.

Paradise village May 106

Husk strips will tie the tamale together.

Paradise village May 115


Paradise village May 059

We depart the Sky Temple and Yelapa with heightened awareness of the season’s purpose, ready to prepare Elizabeth Jean for her first hurricane season in tropical waters.


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2 thoughts on “To every season, turn (with attribution to the Good Book and the Byrds)

  1. Julie Sullivan Jones

    This is by far the best thing i get in my mailbox!

  2. Elena

    What a beautiful place! And gracias to the heat and hurricanes that will send you scurrying back for visits with your northerly friends. Namaste

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