“Which story do you prefer?” (attribution Pi)

As fans of the Life of Pi know, the above question’s answer is, “The story with animals is the better story.”  The quotation’s  featured animal is a Bengal Tiger, named Richard Parker, which is more than a bit out of place in the story’s marine setting.  Our ocean story, too, raises Pi’s question.  In 1996, Paradise Village accepted a rescued tiger from the Mexican government.  Another followed.  During the next 14 years, 76 tigers were born through 9 different females and 3 different males.  These tigers are now in zoos through out Mexico and South America.  As a 23 year volunteer of the Seattle Aquarium, Eulalie is very familiar with the different perspectives regarding captive animals.  Her work included carrying for marine mammals born at the Aquarium to rescued animals and their offspring.  We anticipate comments on this post that reflect these varied perspectives.  That said, we have appreciated the opportunity to view these spectacular creatures at such close quarters (although not as close as Pi to Richard Parker).


Paradise Village Marina and Resort’s tigers.


Up close and personal.


These two were not present during our stay.  Photo courtesy of Paradise Village.



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2 thoughts on ““Which story do you prefer?” (attribution Pi)

  1. Violet

    I believe that Pi finally lands at Boca de Tomatlan, not far from PV and before Yelapa. Some kind of symmetry here… But I love the stories of El Tigre Golf Club. Xx Violet

  2. Marion Vokey

    Eric, I love the thoughtful, yet gentle non-judgemental way you nudge us to think more deeply about the subject of animals in captivity. You had me hooked with your reference to Life of Pi (one of my favorite books!) Another book that features a caged tiger as a poignant metaphor is the beautifully written children’s book by Kate Di Camillo, The Tiger Rising. It was one of my favorite reads with my class when I was teaching, along with letting the students grapple with contemporary issues in the news like whether Maggie, the lone elephant in the frigid setting of the Alaska Zoo should be moved to warmer climes to be with her own kind, even though she had become attached to her keepers having been at the zoo almost since birth, and she offered the people of Alaska a rare educational opportunity to witness an African elephant firsthand. (I think Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo is dealing with similar issues.) People love animals, and there have been many real life news stories about animals in captivity over the years that continue to make powerful ethical exploration possible (Think Ivan the Gorilla in a Tacoma shopping mall, Willy the whale in a SeaWorld-type place, animals used in circuses or for dog sled races like the Iditarod. The list goes on…)

    Your photos of the tigers are beautiful, but, as you suggest, the concept of a tiger in a marina is mind-boggling. Something to think about for sure…

    Thanks for sharing. xoxo, Marion

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