“Get back to where [we] once belonged” Part 1 (attribution: Lennon/McCartney)

A key objective of our Family and Friends Road trip, was to get back to where we once belonged (AKA the East Coast). This post covers our New York and New England visits.  Stay tuned for posts about other east coast stops.

After departing Wisconsin, we made a bee line to Rochester, NY where Eulalie lived from age 7-12 and where she learned to sail.  We next detoured far into the Adirondacks to visit Malinda Bergamini-Chapman, who Eric met in 1976 at the National Outdoor Leadership School Semester in Outdoor Education.  In Massachusetts, we settled on Boston’s Marlborough Street with Eulalie’s sister Julie.  While in the area, we caught up with assorted first cousins, college faculty, and friends.  This post covers our upstate New York and New England visits.


18Rochester6. Lal at yacht club

Rochester Yacht Club, where Eulalie learned to sail.  Eulalie had not been back to Rochester since her family moved away when she was twelve.  While in Rochester Eulalie visited her childhood home and second cousins Joe and Tom Feaney who lived nearby.

18Rochester11. Ontario Beach

This graceful iron sculpture marks the Genesee River’s outflow into Lake Ontario.


Our visit to Glenn and Malinda Chapman in the Adirondacks coincided with a Chapman family reunion.  Home made chocolate donuts, a Chapman family tradition, powered our drive through Vermont to our Boston destination.

Through Codzilla ride 022

We enjoyed a lobster picnic along the banks of the Charles River, home to the MIT and Harvard sailing team, which Eulalie challenged in her brief Smith college racing career.

Through Codzilla ride 084

The Boston Public Gardens is a short walk from sister Julie’s.  We were pleased to find the ducks continuing to make their way about, as they had during our daughters childhood visits to the garden and in the beloved children’s book.

22.Codzilla1 boat

Codzilla, a more recent addition to Boston’s menagerie, was our vessel of choice for touring Boston Harbor.   This 2800 hp speed boat goes up to 40 mph reportedly to avoid a  radioactive cod rumored to live in the harbor.  Eulalie’s sister Julie organized this adventure which we shared with first cousins Patty and Marcia, Deb, and our nephew Hugh and his friends Michael and Max.  Other first cousin visits in Boston included Tony Susen and his family and Sara Laschever and her family.


 A wet time was had by all.


Our arrival in Boston coincided with that of the whaling vessel Charles W. Morgan, part of Mystic Seaport’s collection of historic sailing craft, which remarkably has been under sail again this summer.  Eric explored the Morgan in the fall of 1977 while attending the Williams College Mystic Seaport Semester in Maritime Studies.  Eric credits his Mystic Seaport experience with cementing his professional interest in ocean resource management, which led him to Seattle where he met Eulalie.  While in the Boston area, Eric reconnected with his Mystic experience with visits to the program’s founding Director and his wife, Ben and Linda Labaree and class mate Lani Peterson and her husband Breck.  Photo attribution: Mystic Seaport.

Through Codzilla ride 027

This somber tribute, also a short walk from Julie’s home, marks the site of the Boston Marathon bomb blast.

24.CT1 Niantic River Rd

Connecticut is Laschever country.  Eric’s grand parents lived in West Hartford, which Eric visited as a boy.  Eric’s cousin Jonathan builds custom homes in the area.  We visited him at this site.  We concluded our New England visit with a night in West Hartford, with Eric’s high school friend Richard Broad and his wife Patti.

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2 thoughts on ““Get back to where [we] once belonged” Part 1 (attribution: Lennon/McCartney)

  1. Elena

    What a wonderful old-home week! Fun to see where Lal learned to sail.

  2. ellen6014

    Sounds like an action packed visit to Boston! So sorry we didn’t connect with you but glad you had fun. You have had an amazing opportunity to revisit and reconnect with so much of your past. Do you feel all the pieces being sewn together and lose ends being tied up?

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