Birthday Bookends

December 11 we celebrated Eulalie’s birthday in Barra de Navidad, Mexico.  This same time last year found us in San Diego, our last U.S. port of call. We were so busy preparing for our departure that we didn’t post.  We make up for this omission with photographs from two wonderful celebrations that bracket an exciting year.

birthday in barra 3

Lal’s smile and candles light up the night.

birthday in barra 2

Muchos smoochos.

Barra Birthday 1

Helping us celebrate are Meridian’s Heinz, Dominique, and Margrit, Elegant’sea’s Debbie and Chip, and French Curve’s, Mark and Cheryl.

 through los cabos 800

The Hotel Del Coronado, scene of last year’s festivities.

through los cabos 810

These good friends traveled to surprise Eulalie.  Clockwise from the top left are Karrey Rigby, Amy Ferron, Eulalie, Catherine Drews, Sally Bagshaw, John Quinn, Colleen Quinn, Brad Bagshaw, Pam Schnoor, Stacy Hall de Gomez and Betsy Chappelle.

through los cabos 815

The Del’s Christmas decorations were marine themed, particularly appropriate for the birthday girl.

 Ode to Captain Lal

Gather round and draw close one and all.

I’ve a tale that will hold you in thrall.

This is no idle boast.

And it’s more than a toast.

It’s the account of six decades of the Lal.

Decade one, in White Plains it began.

T’was as if there was some cosmic plan.

Moving heaven and earth.

The Lal’s mom to Lal gave birth.

Lal emerged with tiller firmly in hand.

Decade two, fine sailing she found.

In upstate New York and Long Island Sound.

Pelham High, Northampton’s Smith.

Her legend growing into myth

Broken hearts left in her wake did abound.

Decade three, at latitude 48 degrees and higher.

To manage fish is to what she aspired.

The southeast passage to be seen.

On our first boat named Kathleen

Her adventurous spirit, I truly admired.

Of her third decade I would be somewhat remiss.

If I did not at least mention this.

On an evening while I was on crutches,

Lal fell within my clutches.

And then we shared our first kiss.

Decade four: time to pick up my pace.

On Chesapeake Bay, Lal would go to race.

Daughters Beth and Jean.

Appeared on the scene

We returned to Seattle, our favorite place

Decade five, with her chicks still in the nest.

Lal’s wanderlust still would not rest.

After safely stowing our daughters.

We sailed Caribbean waters.

Their blue waters were among the best.

Decade six, as if winding the clock back.

She sailed to the Marquesas on almost one tack.

And as it so happened.

She was promoted to Captain.

For living this girl has a knack.

Many years ago, or so I am told.

Lal made a statement, decidedly bold.

Without an eye blinking

It was clear what she was thinking

As she proclaimed “I will never grow old”.

So now I will leave it up to you.

To confirm whether what she told me is true.

You don’t have to guess.

Just take a look and nod yes.

And now I am just about through.

So now I say with great pride.

And all my love, which is impossible to hide.

Decade seven is out of the gate.

There’s so much more to celebrate.

Once again we will sail with the tide.

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8 thoughts on “Birthday Bookends

  1. Violet

    Why Happy Birthday Eulalie! I didn’t have a note of the date or we would have written sooner. Happy sailing too! Lots of love, Violet & Tim

  2. Marion

    Lucky Lal is truly loved by her Earnest Eric ❤️


    Dear Eric:
    Lump to my throat and tear to my eye,
    Your poem just now gave me a nice big surprise
    Although you still use her old funny French name
    You’ve “big-upped” my sister and given her fame
    I have every reason to know that you love her,
    and not just because she’s your wife and a mother,
    You love her because she is all about going
    And getting there’s just a small part of the knowing
    The journey’s the thing, we are told by the wise
    And with her by your side, there is no compromise.
    Big Love,

  4. Irv


  5. Elena

    What a wonderful post. Great photos. Splendid ode. I’m watching you guys as I navigate the holidays back home! Next stop… 11 of us around our Christmas dinner table. What’s your next stop?
    Hugs, Elena

  6. I’m a bit late seeing this, but glad Lal had another good birthday this year! I have fond memories of last year’s surprise party weekend here in Coronado. I just read your series of blog posts since we last talked — sounds like the trip is going well, and you’re absorbing lots of great adventures! From the Facebook posts, it looks like 2015 is off to a great start, too. Wishing you guys all the best — stay safe and have fun! Love, Stace and Guiller

    • Stace and Guiller, thanks for your comments and thanks for all your help in pulling off 2013’s Coronado surprise. Could not have done it without you.

  7. P.S. Loved the ode — your talent only improves with the years, Lasch!

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