“We’ll beat the birds down to Acapulco way” (Frank Sinatra)

After our daughters returned to their respective lives in the U.S., we switched into travel mode and covered the 190 miles from Manzanillo to Ixtapa which we visited last April in an overnight passage.  Two days later we moved 10 miles down the coast to Zihuatanejo where we anchored for two days and enjoyed this charming seaside town.  Elizabeth Jean metaphorically tugged at her anchor and we heeded her call to move.  After three days and 190 miles, we pulled into beautiful Acapulco Bay.  When local fishermen protested our choice of anchorage (it was their evening set net site) we decided to splurge and spend a night at Acapulco Club de Yates.  Ashore, we visited the cliffs renowned for their cliff divers.

Map to Acapulco

The coast road from Manzanillo to Acapulco.  Zihuatanejo is a little less than half way between Manzanillo and Acapulco.

through Huatulco 020

Zihuatanejo’s town square, adorned with bronze figures, overlooks the anchorage.  The town’s proximity to the anchorage makes Zihua very cruiser friendly.

through Huatulco 022

Eulalie admires the holiday sand castles.

through Huatulco 023

Sundays brings local crafts, foods and entertainment to the square.

through Huatulco 029

Enroute from Zihuatnajeno to Acapulco we spent the night anchored off this shrine to the Virgin of Guadalupe in the village of Papanoa.

through Huatulco 041

This Olympic Flame memorializes the 1968 Olympic Games sailing, hosted by the Club de Yates.


The Club hosted our pool side rejuvenation.


VW bugs dominate the Acapulco cab fleet.

through Huatulco 039

Eulalie looks out at the Acapulco cliffs.  Divers pray at the blue shrine before launching.

through Huatulco 036



Time lapse photography captures a graceful dive.


The Miramar Hotel provides prime seating to view the diving.  Carved walls record famous visitors to Acapulco’s signature event.

through Huatulco 035

Frank Sinatra apparently made good on his pledge to come to Acapulco.  Whether he beat the birds, we do not know.

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2 thoughts on ““We’ll beat the birds down to Acapulco way” (Frank Sinatra)

  1. Pam

    Steve and I did that drive when I was pregnant with Emily. Remember watching the divers from that same spot. Good memories

  2. Irv

    Is the time lapse photo of Eric jumping off the cliff?

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