“What [we] like about you” (The Romantics) Part 1

Mexico, what can we say.  It’s been a great 13 months.  Quite frankly, we didn’t think it would last this long, but your charms seduced us.  Now it’s time for us to move on.  And the rumors are true, we are leaving you for another country–El Salvador.  Let us begin by reassuring you, it’s not you.  It’s us.  At heart we are rovers.  As we sail off, we want to celebrate what we had together and, well,  what we like about you.

Thing 1:  It’s physical.

We have known just how big you are; however, we did not fully appreciate how long your coastline really is.  We logged thousands of miles traveling from Ensenada to Chiapas, including an extensive detour into the Sea of Cortez.  Your varied physical charms also captivated us.  From desert mountains, to tropical beaches, to active volcanoes, beautiful vistas met us at every turn.  And did I mention the ocean?  The Pacific Ocean lives up to its reputation as being peaceful (as long as we paid attention to our weather forecasts).  Finally, your weather–particularly the sunshine– is a wonder, especially after decades in the Pacific Northwest.

mexico map

Mexico es muy grande.

through February 17 1150

Desert mountains ring the sea of Cortez.

Paradise Village Nov. 7 213

 The Pacific in a calm mood; sun.


Colima volcanoes.  Photo credit: Beth Laschever.

Thing 2: Your flora and fauna

Flowers, cactus and palm trees, whales, turtles, pelicans, porpoises, cacique birds, flying manta rays, monkeys and iguanas.  Oh my!  Your wildlife kept us alert and the Albatross busy.

through February 17 1073

Baja cactus and the Lal.

Paradise village May 078

Yelapa flowers.

Las Hadass 090



Tortoise rescue.


Reef fish in Ensenada Carrizal.  Photo credit: Beth Laschever

Thing 3: Your history, culture, and arts

Mayan temples, centuries-old churches, artisan crafts and more celebrations than we could have imagined dazzled us.

through san cristobal 071


through san cristobal 025

San Cristobal


through Chiapas tour 010

Hand woven table runners in Zincantan


Bringing in the New Year.  Photo credit: Beth Laschever

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2 thoughts on ““What [we] like about you” (The Romantics) Part 1

  1. What amazing adventures you have had. Looking forward to learning about more.

  2. Marion

    Oh the places you’ll go! There is fun to be done! And magical things have already begun! What a wonderful tribute to your time in Mexico and to Captain Lal, who with brains in her head and feet in her shoes can steer you in any direction you choose!
    (In the words of Dr. Seuss 😉)

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