“What we like about you” Part 2

Ah Mexico, it’s been a few short days and our memories of our time with you are still strong.  So, here are few more things we like about you.

Thing 3: Your bountiful food and refreshing drink

Our time with you was a veritable feast.  Some days we could pluck breakfast from our porch, or strike a deal with a friendly fishermen.  Margaritas cooled us down and your coffee warmed us up.

Paradise village May 087


Bananas hanging out our door at Yelapa.

through February 17 945

Eight AAA batteries bought us these tasty crustaceans in a remote Baja anchorage.

Las Hadass 065

The Tronconnes fruit and vegetable truck brought your bounty to our table.

Through March 12 012

Guacamole and octopus salad while waiting for favorable winds in the Sea of Cortez.

21.6 Peter, Leslie on Skybird (2)

La Manzanilla raw bar.



We could count on your coffee being fresh and flavorful.  Photo credit: Beth Laschever.

seahawks margaritas

To you, Mexico.

Thing 4: The anchorages and marinas

Whether we were out on the hook, or tied up at dock, we appreciated the many safe harbors along your coast.  Our ability to rest, provision, and recreate as we traveled greatly enhanced our experience.

la cruz 2

La Cruz anchorage at sunset.

Paradise 1

Paradise village.  Elizabeth Jean’s secure summer home.


Elizabeth Jean snugly anchored in Ensenada Carrizal; great snorkeling a dinghy ride away.


Las Hadas Anchorage.

Thing 4: Your expatriots

You have charmed other foreigners before us.  Some now permanently enjoy your warm embrace.  These transplants have added texture and talent to our Mexican experience.


Morning sun lights the Sky Temple in Yelapa, Judith Roth’s labor of love.

Octopuses Garden 8

A previous post sang our praise to Aruna and Wayland and their many contributions to La Cruz.

Paradise Village Nov. 7 365

Mechanic, Jack Tinsley, a Canadian transplant, gently taps Perkins in Paradise Village, keeping him well tuned.  John Pounders, a skilled electrician, helped us decommission Elizabeth Jean for the summer.  He is passing on his skills to his local assistant Julio.

22. Barra de Navidad (4)

From France, by way of British Columbia, this baker delivers sweet pleasure in Barra de Navidad.

Thing 5: Your cruising community.

Fellow cruisers, who have made Mexico a temporary or more permanent home, enriched our time with you.  Morning coffee often accompanies the VHF radio check in with the local cruisers net.  Need weather?  Listen to the net.  A boat part?  Check the net.  Some fun?  The net has it.  Single side ban radio allowed us to more remotely connect with cruisers underway.  Every new anchorage brought new friends with whom to share our adventure.


Eulalie with solo circumnavigator Jean Socrates in La Paz.

Barra Birthday 1

Cruisers sharing Lal’s birthday in Barra de Navidad.

through Huatulco 011

Fellow Seahawks fans; sharing the joy of victory and the agony of defeat.

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3 thoughts on ““What we like about you” Part 2

  1. Irv

    As always, a lovely and well written post.

  2. Lisa

    Hi Eulalie and Eric!!!! Have been enjoying your posts and the last one about following our dreams set Fred and I to imagining. Thank you. I’m thinking its time for another yoga/meditation/lifework/sunny type retreat in Mexico. Been to Haramara in Sayulita a few times, also been to Troncones. Any suggestions for a new place? Also, what is the best way to email you directly. Cheers and Happy Travels!! Love, Lisa

  3. Elena

    I don’t mean to be mopey, but you make it difficult to be here in Seattle during the winter. You’re lucky I love you guys! (keep the posts coming; they are wonderful)

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