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“Wherever we want to go, we go” Captain Jack Sparrow

Our plan for the 2015-16 cruising season is to follow the Pearl’s wake and explore the western Caribbean Sea.  We will begin in Panama’s San Blas Islands, then head north to the Yucatan, via Providencia.  We intend to make landfall on the United States’ east coast before the 2016 hurricane season.

Carribbean  map water color



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“[T]here came to us a vision of [our] true home” (Thomas Wolfe)

After famously and negatively opining that “you can’t go home again,” Thomas Wolfe more positively stated that our experiences allow us to glimpse a “vision of our true home, beyond the ominous and cloud-engulfed horizon of the here and now, in the green and hopeful and still-virgin meadows of the future.”

Our summer visit to Seattle and its environs put our reality to the test of Wolfe’s prose.  Arriving in Seattle in late May, we had little understanding of what our return to our once and perhaps future home had in store.  We had not pinned down housing or transportation for the summer and had only the intermittent contact with our friends  that spotty wifi service and infrequent email provides.  After our long absence, we wondered what we would find remaining of our Northwest home.

In short order friends opened their arms and homes welcoming us back. An invitation for a memorial day barbecue led to a car loan.  House sitting and dog sitting offers soon answered the question of where we would hang our hats.  Soon after arriving, Eric activated a small and virtual law practice and Lal resumed teaching cruising.  Over eighty friends from different times of our lives joined us to celebrate Eric’s 60th birthday and our arrival in the Caribbean.   “Homeport” now has real meaning.

Today, we fly to Panama City to begin our new cruising season.  Our deepest thanks to our many friends who helped us to glimpse a “vision of our true home,” a place to which we would be delighted to return whenever our wandering stops.


An early race on Elliot Bay reminded us that we are all more connected than we might imagine.  Stepping onto a new vessel for the first time a new acquaintance recognized us from a south of the border picture of us posted on a mutual friends cruising blog.  Small world indeed.


 Safeco Field is a great place to spend an evening.


We were honored to catch the lines as Captain Alpert and Bonni Jean’s crew left for summer cruising in Alaska.  While the Alperts voyaged, we house sat and helped show their Mercer Island home which was on the market.

9.2GrauszHouse. Jack with BlueMan (2)

Next, Jack Grausz-Meeker (here pictured with Blue Man) called offering us the opportunity to help him manage his 18 month old enthusiasm.  Thanks, Dan and Clare for allowing us to house and dog sit.


Our friend, Holly Levin (aka “the Cake Lady”), created this geographically accurate, edible rendition of the Isthmus of Panama to help celebrate our Canal transit and arrival in the Caribbean Sea.


We hired Eric’s funk band to help celebrate.  Eric is at the far left on trumpet.  Lal is center right in purple, joining the band in its sing along version of Mustang Sally.

eric and trumpet

Eric, up close and funky.

Port Townsend Longboat with Nancy

Lal ventured to Port Townsend for the annual wooden boat festival.  She reunited with Nancy, our crew for Central America, who led Lal’s longboat team to victory.


Sunset at Snoqualmie Falls.

aquaverde with Beth

A September paddle with daughter Beth.

Fig Cottage

We spent our last month at Fig Cottage on Beacon Hill helping our friends Andy and Betty test drive the cottage as an airbnb.

Jean and Max

Daughter Jean and Max at the Long Beach Aquarium where we visited enroute to Panama.

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