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“Under the Rainbow” With apologies to Dorothy

Dorothy wished to fly over the rainbow, but in the end concluded that there was no place like home.  Thus, it was somehow fitting that a rainbow arched over the Kittitas Valley wind mills  as we descended into Ellensberg, a scant hour and a half from that most emerald of cities, Seattle.  Rainbows on land, as porpoises at sea, harbinger good luck for Elizabeth Jean’s crew.  The rainbow grew brighter as we turned west towards the Cascade Mountains.  As we crested the mountains, rain beat down on our ruby red Rav as she conveyed us home.  Flame hued bushes lit the evergreen slopes.  Soon we were at sea level, having completed the third of our three cross country road- trips in two months.
The red highlighted route shows our path in September from the east coast to Seattle.  The blue route shows our return east at the end of September and early October with boat gear.  The green route shows our final path in mid-October.  Thanks to all our friends and family who made time for us in their busy lives along the way.
Eric is smiling because he was able to retrieve Elizabeth Jean’s carefully wrapped and stored doors without unpacking the entire storage unit.  If it looks as if he is about as far back in the unit as he could be that is because we intentionally stored the doors deep in the storage unit because we would not be using during our voyage.  It seemed to be a good idea at the time.
We didn’t find munchkins, but we did find trolls in Mt. Horeb, self-proclaimed troll capital of the world.  You can find the trolls in Wisconsin on the blue route.
We spent the Columbus Day weekend working the Passport booth at the Annapolis Boat Show.  In the process we became friends with the team that is helping us find a good home for Elizabeth Jean.
A huge rainbow pointed our way to the Emerald City.
Fall colors glistened as seasonal rains welcomed us to the Cascade Mountains’ west side.
Our new friend Joan, office manager of the Passport dealership, awarded us the Chutzpah trophy.  A number of our friends just called us crazy for our cross country travels.
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