“The two happiest days” Traditional boaters saying

It would be inaccurate to say that the two happiest days of our lives with Elizabeth Jean were the days we bought her and the day we sold her.  Our happiest days have been with her doing what she does best, rising and falling easily with a ten foot sea, eighteen knots abeam filling her sails.  The quiet days at remote, sun washed anchorages have been pretty awesome as well.

At the same time, we would not be completely honest if we said we felt no happiness when Luiz and Priscilla Goncalvez responded to the ad listing Elizabeth Jean for sale.  Both had worked extensively on sail boats, including the 107 foot luxury charter yacht Inukshuk.  Luiz, a dual citizen of Brazil and Italy, has crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a variety of crafts 14 times.  During Elizabeth Jean‘s survey, he calmly took in the surveyors’ comments about vessel and faithful Perkins, both showing their 32 years of use as well as our care.  His experienced ear heard the bottom line–Elizabeth Jean was ready immediately for further adventure.   The Goncalvez adventure will include their two year old son; the sails in the aft cabin will make way for more precious cargo.

We have no doubt that Elizabeth Jean will readily catch on to Portuguese and Italian, as well as the higher pitched chirps of a toddler.  Too, she will adjust readily to new seas, the Mediterranean, South America?  With her new owners we can only imagine.  We are delighted and yes, happy to pass on our stewardship of this special spirit to the Goncalvez family.  We will never forget the time that Elizabeth Jean spent with us and the happiness that remains in her wake.

Inukshuk, a Baltic 107, has prepared the Goncalvez family for their adventure aboard Elizabeth Jean.

Elizabeth Jean with her once and future owners, a happy bunch of souls.

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5 thoughts on ““The two happiest days” Traditional boaters saying

  1. Fair winds EJ

  2. Elena

    Well said


    Lal and Eric, glad to hear that your last chapter of s/v Elizabeth Jean segues into the first chapter of an exciting adventure for the Goncalvez family!

  4. Glad you were able to hand over the keys to new owners who will appreciate Elizabeth Jean as you have, Eric and Eulalie! When we handed over our house keys to a new family, we were also glad we were moving onto new adventures in Berkeley and that our home of 33 years in Los Altos was moving onto its own new adventures with a couple wanting to raise their family where we had enjoyed many happy times with our children.

  5. How wonderful to find people who are so worthy of taking over elizabethjean’s adventures! It must make it easier to hand her over and let go knowing she will be in such good hands!

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