The Albatross

The Albatross is a wonderful bird.  Posts about will be under the name “Constant and Enduring Albatross.”  The Albatross has special meaning to mariners as explained further below and provide lessons to guide our voyage.   Albatross will provide such insights into other animals’ spirit meaning we encounter on our voyage
Elizabeth Jean albatross
Brief mythological associations:

The albatross has a rich mythological and cultural history. Sailors worldwide view sightings of an albatross as good luck, and its injury, capture or death is a terrible omen to those at sea. This superstition is highlighted in a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge called ‘the Rime of the Ancient Mariner.’


– Albatross teaches us grace. It comes into our lives to show us how to use our bodies in ways that help us move fluidly through our lives in conditions that can seem even treacherous to our wellbeing.

– The albatross is a master at wandering. It often teaches us the value of simply finding new roads and pathways; path-working in order to find the road less traveled if it looks like it might yield more nourishment.

– Albatross comes into our life to teach us the value of monogamy. If we are already in a long-term relationship and are souring on it, albatross tells us that through flirting and gentle courtship we can revive the wonder of monogamy and find our way into what we liked about our partner in the first place.

– Albatross teaches many types of wisdom, the foremost being wind wisdom and ocean wisdom. Albatross is excellent for people who work frequently with or around the ocean, and will lend luck and grace to anyone involved here.

– Weather forecasting is a science, an art and a magic. Albatross energy addresses all aspects of weather forecasting and helps us to understand storms, rain, and all aspects of weather connected to water and wind.

– Albatross teaches the language of currents. This is a literal and metaphorical lesson. Sometimes we need to pay attention to the currents of movement and energy in our lives, sometimes we need to go with the flow, at other times we must learn how to use the wind to our advantage and cut across converse or harmful currents.

– Albatross is a messenger bird like the eagle, and can come into our lives to pass us messages from deities or the world around us. These messages, if we open our hearts, can have great impact on the direction of our lives.

– Albatross gives us the freedom to break through limits and self-imposed limitations. Albatross energy will reject conservatism, damaging belief-systems and philosophies, and dogmatic cultures that restrict freedom easily, and can help others to do it too.

Albatross as Totem:

– Albatross people are wandering spirits that often find it hard to commit to any one path in life for too long (except that of wandering). People with albatross as a totem will often go where they want, when they want. Neither culture nor people can make them conform.

– Albatross people teach us the value of long-distance relationships, and monogamy despite great distance. They will overcome odds in order to show that long-distance relationships can be just as fruitful as other relationships.

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